Top 2017 Rosewater Shampoo Launches

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In my last article, I wrote about the great benefits of rosewater for the skin, hair, and spirit that have been harnessed for thousands of years by great ancient civilizations.  Not only has it withstood the test of time in certain regions, popularity has spread over recent years to become one of the hottest current beauty trends worldwide.  It is being spritzed all over the increasingly mainstream natural beauty world in the form of toners and facial sprays in a variety of brands, price points, and concepts.   

The growing appeal of the simplicity of nature’s secrets is an obvious factor, and could the mystique of ancient worlds past also be part of the trend?  Whatever the reason, when it comes to finding hair products based on this miracle tonic, products are limited and elusive.  Hereunder, my review on 2 haircare brands that have launched great 2017 products to hopefully set the tone for more brands to follow:

Christophe Robin- Delicate Volumizing Shampoo with Rose Extracts.

Christophe Robin Shampooing Delicat

The famous Parisian colorist has recently opened his first concept boutique store outside of Paris in NYC.  The product ranges focus mainly on the needs of colored hair, yet have other less specific lines, as well as some interesting body care lines.  The inspiration for product formulas are said to based on the properties of rare, or ancestral natural active ingredients.  The Delicate Volumizing Shampoo with Rose Extracts, for example has authentic rosewater as a key active ingredient (number 8 on the list of ingredients), as well was Rosa Gallica Flower Extract and Rosa Moscata Seed Oil as the next ingredients.   

Finally, a shampoo with actual rosewater! I had almost given up on my quest before stumbling across it at Sephora last week.

Here goes my thoughtful and honest opinion

Promise Fulfillment: Gentleness: On a scale of 1-5 I give it a 5.  Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate is a very gentle surfactant, and is included in the Handbook of Green Chemicals (an unofficial stamp of approval to validate confidence in the safety and sustainability of some chemicals).  Bear in mind, this is a shampoo designed for very fine hair, or for colored hair. It cleanses the hair well, but it is really very gentle. If you have normal to oily hair you may have to increase the frequency of your hair washing routine or alternate it with a dry shampoo.  Don’t expect a lot of suds either, the surfactant is mild- so just add more water and friction, not more shampoo.

Volume: 3.5  This shampoo is specifically designed for fine hair, so since I have the finest of the fine hair AND prone to thinning- it is fairly easy for me to detect an increase in volume.  I found it good, but not amazing. (Although, I have to admit I have never found a volumizing shampoo that can do the job and use dry shampoo for volume).   I did find however, that if used in conjunction with Instant Volumizing Mist with Rose Water on damp hair before styling, results improved dramatically.  The qualities are similar to a beach wave texturizing spray, but with the softening effect of rosewater that leaves the hair supple. 

Color retention: I don’t have colored treated hair, so I can’t really judge it, but the product claim is that natural rose extract prevents oxidation of the color.

Regarding my key motivation- the SCENT-  it surpassed my expectations.  The scent out of the bottle at the store was very light, but completely came alive when lathered up in the shower. The shampoo, conditioner, and volume mist all have the distinct fresh smell of natural rosewater with a fixation strong enough to last throughout the day.  

Overall, I give it a 4.5.  The price point ($38 for 8 oz.) may seem high, but becomes more reasonable if you consider how expensive authentic rosewater is.  For reference- Teddies 100% Pure Organic Rosewater (one of the most reasonably priced quality brands for rosewater) is $18 for 4oz.  On the other hand, I consider the volume mist at $38 for 5 oz. pricey; considering it is 96% rosewater and the remaining active ingredients are not known to be rare or costly. Is the spritz worth it? Well... I would say only if you really, really love the scent of rosewater, and like the idea of textured beach waves with a very gentle product.   If it just for scent, then try a plain 100% rosewater- (although it wont last long).  The volume mist has good fixation since it is boosted by a small concentration of additional “fragrance” that doesn't affect the natural and light quality of the scent).

Fleur de Rose Shine by Moroccan Oil.

Moroccan Oil Fleur de Rose Shampoo

Promise Fulfillment: Increased Shine, strength, and overall health. A well deserved 5, surprisingly without the use of silicones which is often used in shine promise products.   However, just for clarity- the active ingredients that provide these qualities are unrelated to rosewater.   Argan oil, sunflower oil, coconut oils, vitamin E and a few other natural ingredients are the source.  The product doesn’t actually contain any rosewater or rose extracts- the rose in the name “Fleur de Rose Shine” only refers to the scent and is therefore not a rosewater shampoo (HA! and I included it anyway).   It does come very, very close in terms of the scent just with a slightly fresher twist and more intensity (the scent can faintly last a couple of days on your hair).  

The key surfactant is Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate- which is water soluble, coconut derived, and sulfate-free. Not to be confused with sodium lauryl sulfate, SLMI is considered one of the mildest surfactants on the market.  Surprisingly, it lathers really well vs other similarly intentioned surfactants and leaves my hair and scalp feeling just as clean as a clarifying type shampoo.  I was equally happy with the conditioner- it had the right level of emollient to detangle easily without weighing down my long, fine hair.  (If this is your hair type, you know it tangles a lot and that heavy conditioners weigh it down).   

Overall, I give it a 5 despite no actual rosewater.  The scent is divine, and I like the results. It is physically available at Sephora's Flagship stores,  on- line at many fine department stores, Sephora, or Amazon.  $26 for 6.8 oz  

L’Occitane Reine de Roses Shampoo -  I wouldn’t be giving you the full market picture If I didn’t mention this, since it is still available for a limited time at  It has been discontinued, just a few years after the launch and is not sold physically in any of the l'Occitane boutiques.  And, unfortunately, l’Occitane does not publish the ingredients of their products online for confidentiality reasons.  Since I require insight on the ingredient list and concentrations prior to purchasing hair products, I wasn’t able to pursue it further.  I can confirm that the Reine de Rose Bath line is very pleasant, although a little light on fragrance.

So that's it!  Only 2 brands with actual rosewater (of which one is discontinued), although there are few more who try to claim it.  

Just for fun, if you google “rosewater shampoo” the top rankings go to Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo- a brand conceived for horse manes which doesn’t contain any rosewater, just some rose particles as the very LAST ingredient.   And despite the interesting marketing approach- “works for people too!”  I avoid testing product sold through veterinarians 😊

Rose Infusion tea

Stay tuned for my next article- I’ll explain the ins and outs on products marketed as “rosewater” made by rose oil + solvent vs actual rosewater, as well as my top picks for rosewater toners and facial sprays.  

In the meantime- uplift yourself with any element of the ROSE including tea..