‘SHROOMS- Magic for Clean Beauty's Merge with Wellness

While Korean brands pioneered marketing mushroom magic in commercial skincare, breakthrough labels are emerging from the US, making waves with unique product stories that seamlessly merge concepts of wellness, clean beauty, and a spin on the natural ingredient narrative to include “adaptogens”.

Quite possibly the biggest hero ingredient the beauty market will ever see, mushrooms are playing the diverse of role of “complexion perfecter” AND age fighter.  The sum of the key properties of merely two varieties (the Snow and the Reishi)  covers super-hydration & skin plumping, super anti-oxidant,  anti-inflammatory, collagen boosting, and skin tone evening (just to name few).

And as the focus shifts towards the “natural glow” vs the “selfie make-up face”, new emerging brands are not only capturing consumer interest with their innovative formulas, but through new concepts:  Beauty meets wellness- LA style.

What do I mean by that? Los Angeles being the mecca for the latest and the greatest in chic wellness trends, from innovative  elixirs and tonics to cutting edge clean beauty, clean science, vegan, and all that makes us look and feel better. 

See below my review of three products and brands that embody an element of the above, starting with my favorite of the three:

Moon Juice  BEAUTY SHROOM plumping jelly.  The sheer originality of a wellness brand known for its cutting-edge elixirs and tonics branching off into skincare says it all for me. 

The concept of this LA based brand boils down to “Plant sourced Alchemy to elevate body, beauty and consciousness.”  Everything it stands for walks the talk for a clean beauty brand and every ingredient is 100% naturally derived.   For the full launch story, see Moon Juice Expands to Skin Care With New Beauty Shroom Line 

True to the product's name, the two main hero ingredients are mushrooms (Snow and Reishi), and the texture is jelly like- something between a serum and a gel.  The light, slightly sticky texture disappears into the skin and leaves nothing behind but a healthy glow.  

The Snow Mushroom, also known as "Silver ear or Tremella" holds up to 500 times its weight in water. Hydration powerhouse and plumping agent!

The Snow Mushroom, also known as "Silver ear or Tremella" holds up to 500 times its weight in water. Hydration powerhouse and plumping agent!

The star adaptogens (the mushroom extracts) are blended with hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, and amino acids to keep skin hydrated and fight cell damage from environmental factors.  

It only gets better, because the best part about Beauty Shroom is the scent. My favorite aromatherapy (Rose and Sandalwood essential oils) blended into my daily skincare routine.  And last, but not least, the packaging: A dark glass pump- always a good sign for naturally derived beauty products to ensure maximum shelf life without chemical preservatives (and better than plastic for us and the planet).

The less amazing part is the price: $58 for 30ml, but a pea sized drop easily spreads over the entire face.   Sold exclusively at moonjuice.com and at all US Sephora stores


Youth to the People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream

Brand claim: “Combines superfoods, adaptogens, and science to keep your skin as youthful, vibrant, and full of life as you are. We believe that the products you put on your skin should be as whole, clean and packed with nutrients as the food you put in your body”.

Now doesn’t that sound good?  Also true to the product name, the star ingredients are Reishi Mushroom and Ashwaganda root.

Check out  YTP on Instagram  for more of the sleek packaging and beautiful photography

Check out YTP on Instagram for more of the sleek packaging and beautiful photography

With my oily skin I am hesitant to try anything containing the word “cream” as it usually results in a pore clogging grease slick on my forehead.

This one however absorbs straight into the skin leaving my skin smooth and soft without even a trace of oil.  Mainly the result of no silicones, synthetic emollients and texturizers- just active ingredients that nourish the skin.  I like to use it after a bi-weekly clarifying/deep cleansing product, it leaves my skin perfectly balanced with moisture.  It practically has no scent, just an ever so subtle earthy, and naturally pleasant vibe.  $58 2 oz. Sold at Nordstorm, Anthropologie, Sephora and www.youthtothepeople.com

Volition Beauty- Snow Mushroom Water Serum

Core concept: CLEAN BEAUTY + SAFE SCIENCE. Community based innovation.  

This lightweight and scentless serum, addresses some of my biggest skin concerns- enlarged pores, collagen production, hydration, and protection from free radical damage. 

Community based innovation- each product has a specific innovator and inspiration story- meet Keidy

Community based innovation- each product has a specific innovator and inspiration story- meet Keidy

The formula combines the magical snow mushroom with marine sea water, watermelon, apple, and lentil extracts. Where marine sea water works to detoxify the skin, helping to reduce shine and minimize the appearance of pores, watermelon and apple extract plump and brighten skin (vitamin C factor).  Lentil extract soothes and smooths, while boosting moisture retention.

I love how light and subtle it is, perfect for times when pure and simple feels best. It reminds me of their cult classic product Prismatic Luminizing Sheild SPF 50 whose tagline is “For People Who Hate Sunscreen”.  Lighter than BB cream it disappears into the skin like a serum yet provides great protection.  The snow mushroom water serum shares this appeal of imperceptibility yet hydrates and perfects like a Rockstar.                 Available at volitionbeauty.com and at Sephora.  30ml $62

All in all, the bottom line in clean beauty for me is less chemicals and fillers and more of the active ingredients.  Plant based hero ingredients are always high on my list, especially those that have been used in beauty for Millenia's, (applicable in the case of these mushrooms to Asia).     

My fascination for new niche brands founded in purpose and passion drives my discoveries and I hope you found these as interesting as I do. 

PS. I have never seen the word “adaptogen” used in this context so I think it deserves a quick explainer:  Plants and herbs that help the body adapt to stress– common uses include regulating hormones, immune system support, increased energy and mental clarity

More commonly consumed through capsules or fun concepts like MOON DUST, and now available through your SKIN by using any of these incredible creations!



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