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‘SHROOMS- Magic for Clean Beauty's Merge with Wellness

While Korean brands may have pioneered marketing mushroom magic in commercial skincare, breakthrough labels are emerging from the US, making waves with unique product stories that seamlessly merge concepts of wellness, clean beauty, and a spin on the natural ingredient narrative to include “adaptogens”.

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Activated Charcoal + Botanicals: A Stellar Combo for Healthy Skin, Scalp & Hair

Is the activated charcoal craze worth all the hype? Or is it mostly linked to the intrigue of the weirdness factor? For beauty products the answer is YES, if combined with the right ingredients activated charcoal can meet specific skin and scalp needs BEAUTIFULLY.  When I noticed I had accumulated more than 3 charcoal + botanical beauty products on my bathroom counter, I realized a theme was born-  so here is the 411 on some fabulous products and a new initiative by Sephora to promote green cosmetics called “Clean at Sephora” 

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